Cisilion’s Hybrid Enterprise Event is only five weeks away, and we are excited to announce our first guest speaker! Paul Griffiths, Technical Director at Riverbed will be one of our vendor speakers sharing his insight and expertise. Cisilion’s Chief Strategy Officer Rob Quickenden sat down with Paul to discuss all things #HybridIT. Read, or alternatively watch the interviews below.

Three Top Tips for customers looking to move to the cloud?

“Three key words for you: control, visibility and performance. From a control point of view it’s understanding which applications you should be moving to the cloud on a project and time basis.

In terms of visibility, making sure you know how your applications are performing today. Then making sure if you move them to the cloud, they continue to deliver the same sort of performance for the end users and the business.

In terms of the performance piece, make sure you have the infrastructure, the network and application acceleration tools at your disposal to ensure you do get that end user experience and improve productivity.”

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 Three Predictions: What’s going to change in the IT Landscape in 2016?

“Software Defined Everything, certainly Software Defined Wide Area Networking, and perhaps more the maturity of Software defined Networking which organisations have struggles to do. I think Software Defined WAN will naturally bring a maturity for Software Defined Networking – and certainly Riverbed are helping with that in the branch office locations.  So I see SDWAN becoming a major feature in organisation’s deployments in 2016.

Another one is the continued march to public cloud services. Particularly Saas providers but also Infrastructure as a service.

The third one is simply around organisations realising that they can save additional costs in this hyper converged and Hybrid IT environment. That environment again is coming much more established and more mature by the end of this year.”


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What is Riverbed’s take on Hyperconvergence?

“At Riverbed we certainly have been sitting back and watching this. We certainly have been predicting this hyperconverged infrastructure evolution over the last couple of years. For us, one of the key areas in this is actually the hyperconverged infrastructure in the branch. Traditionally, organisations have been thinking that the benefits are in the data center. But we’re focusing on this hyperconverged infrastructure in the branch office. And that’s all about not only consolidating applications and using SteelHead to provide access, but equally in reducing the IT footprint in the branch office and reducing the IT footfall in the branch office.

There’s a couple of key things there. One is actually providing SteelFusion as our hyperconverged platform in the branch office, but equally what you will see with Riverbed in the rest of 2016 which we are very proud to announce is around our SDWAN implementations and that will also enable organisations to reduce the IT footprint in the branch, particularly around the routing capability, networking and wireless access points. So the security model as well as the WAN optimisation piece and all of this with a zero touch deployment model.”

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How can Riverbed help customers?

“Riverbed help customers with our SteelFusion product portfolio. That allows organisations to move data from the branch offices into the data center. So they can use all their enterprise data management tools to protect that data and keep it available. But at the same time present that data back to a hyperconverged platform in the branch office, so that the applications can keep to run there. This gives a couple of key benefits:

  1. The branch can continue to work even in situation where the wide area network is not available
  2. Provisioning new branch infrastructure
  3. Rapid deployment model”

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Interested to hear more from Paul on how to ensure visibility, control and optimisation for any application? Join Cisilion for our free #HybridIT2016 event on 22nd April at the London Fields Brewery. An event not to be missed – secure your place here:http://events.cisilion.com/hybrid/#register