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Did You Know?

of IT managers and operators have experienced some type of outage in the past three years. - Uptime Institute, 2022
of failures result in at least $100,000 in total losses, up substantially from 39% in 2019. - Uptime Institute, 2022

Manage risk, fix complications, and operate effectively with responsive, smart maintenance support while enjoying up to 40% in cost savings.

IT Ops are under pressure to limit disruption, reduce risk, and get the most from your IT environment. To achieve this, you need a quick response to issues and hardware failures, ensuring a resolution to fault can be achieved, minimising downtime.

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What Makes Us Great?

Devices on support: extensive experience in managing complex environments
Average wait time for a call
Coverage. Cisilion operate a UK based fully manned service centre

Outcomes & Benefits

Hardware replacement in as little as four hours

with access to replacement parts at strategically placed depots across the globe.

IT assets are proactively maintained

throughout their lifespan with Lifecycle Management.

Extend the life of your devices

and ensure you have the latest product and security features with OS software updates.

Reduced cost and complexity

by co-terming suppliers and contracts, we reduce annual administrative costs, support End of Life assets, and prevent price increases.

Our Clients

Seven Investment Management

Book a maintenance review with one of our specialists in our CEC

With Cisilion, you get the best of both worlds the benefits of manufacturer support and Cisilion’s maintenance services, as well as our partner-managed sparing and logistics capabilities. This unique combination delivers substantial cost savings and enhanced value added. Book an experience in our Client Experience Centre.

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