Client Experience Centre

Experience the next generation of AI-powered modern work

Where Technological Innovation Meets Personalised Experiences With Genuine Connection

We have built a luxury customer experience centre in the hub of our London office space that blends the next generation of secure, AI-powered collaboration and productivity technologies into spaces that promote inclusive and innovative solutions from our core technology partners.

Going Beyond Expectations with Cisco & Cisilion

What Can You Expect?

Experience, Explore, Discuss
Collaboration & Intelligent Meetings

Experience the best of hybrid meeting experiences, from reservation to engagement through to follow-up and recap.

Intelligent Network

Build, connect, secure, scale and manage your infrastructure across network, data centre, cloud or hybrid. With application-level performance management, cost management and auto-scaling – with AI-powered security at every layer.

Smart Sustainable Spaces

Delivering the best experience for your people, customers and guests with smart, connected spaces that provide the best experiences, and actionable insights and promote well-being, sustainability and space management.

The Future of Work & AI

AI-powered modern work experiences that bring together your people, spaces and devices with secure productivity, and converged communications solutions.

Generative AI is reshaping the way we interface and interact with technology. Explore what is here, what is coming and how AI is transforming business, society and culture.

Platform & Cost Optimisation

Experts in optimizsing product usage and assessing commercial impact, providing impartial advice for MS EA customers facing choice restrictions. Skilled in cost optimisation, reduced spending, and simplified licensing.

Security for the New World

Providing  a single platform to monitor security events from multiple sources for complete visibility. Reducing attack surface and providing centralised security for multi-cloud environments. Offers secure protection for end-users from any device, dynamic security for network infrastructure, better governance and compliance management, identity services, and device management for enterprise-wide devices.

Our Vendor Partners

Tech to experience

Collaboration & Intelligent Meetings

Bringing best-of-breed, connected experiences that provide leading-edge customer engagement, seamless collaboration, calling, chat and meetings to employees, customers, and guests.

Employee Experience

Personalised and inclusive solutions to provide premium explore experiences. Showcasing solutions such as the latest in self-service, end-user compute, AI-powered productivity tools, experience monitoring, meeting room solutions, desk and room booking, digital signage, learning and social collaboration and more.

Intelligent Spaces & Smart Offices

Delivering the best experiences for employees, customers and visitors. Showcasing solutions such as space utilisation, location analytics & tracking, people interactions & sustainability.

Infrastructure for the Hybrid World

secure, fast, scalable, and modern infrastructure solutions across SDWAN, network, data centre, cloud or hybrid. With application-level performance management, cost management and auto-scaling – with AI-powered security at every layer.

AI Powered Future of Work

With generative AI reshaping the way we interface and interact with technology, we welcome you to explore the latest AI-powered tools for work that are democratising how we benefit from AI across every role in every workplace. Explore what is here, what is coming and how AI is transforming business, society and culture.

Zero Trust Security for the Hybrid World

In a multi-cloud, AI-powered, and hybrid work environment, zero trust approach to security is a crucial aspect of ensuring the compliance, safety and privacy of applications, data, devices, employees, and customers.

Thought Leadership Experiences

Bespoke Experiences

A blank canvas. With our ability to combine technology and vendors, we can customise experiences in our CEC based on your needs.

Sector Roundtables

Meet with industry peers to discuss, strategies and exchange ideas and experiences across a wide range of topics from business and technology solutions to sustainability to.

Technology Roundtables

Meet with technology peers from our key vendors, customers, thought leaders, Cisilion practice leads and other clients to explore, discuss and share a wide range of new and emerging technologies.

Team Meetings

Use our spaces for your team meetings whilst showcasing the best of our technology experiences in the comfort of our offices in London.

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Our passion for delivering transformative IT solutions is surpassed only by our commitment to providing exceptional client experiences.

Our Client Experience Centre serves as a collaborative hub, allowing you to engage with our experts, explore the latest technologies, and gain valuable insights to drive your business forward.
The future is here, and we are excited to share it with you at the Cisilion Client Experience Centre. Get ready to explore the possibilities, revolutionise your business, and embrace a new era of digital transformation. Together, let’s shape the future today.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

Connect with our team to book your personalised experience, and be a part of the genuine connection shaping the future of IT.