At the time of progressive development within Riverbed’s product portfolio, with their top of mind priorities being around their ever evolving and comprehensive SteelCentral suite that delivers end to network and application performance management and end user experience monitoring.

With all this going on, it’s easy to forget the “bread and butter” of what made Riverbed what they are today – “The Leading Application Performance Management Company” – that being Steelhead.

9 Years in a row, Riverbed SteelHead still stands miles ahead of the competition in the top right of the Gartner leaders quadrant in the intelligent WAN optimisation category.

So how and why is WAN Optimisation still revenant in today’s world?

Surely with faster and cheaper internet access, WAN Op is dead right? Well, that is not the case (Riverbed are still seeing double digit annual growth) and here’s why….

All businesses aspire and need to be efficient – reducing the running costs of MPLS and Internet lines whilst driving productivity and efficiency across the business.

So, why has Riverbed been recognised by Gartner as a leader in Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization for the 9th year running? If its so irrelevant, why are Gartner so keen to still measure it? Well, the key benefits still stand:

  • Up to 100x (Riverbed state 250x for some apps) increase in performance over hybrid networks for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications (creating happy users and efficient business flow)
  • Up to 98% reduction on bandwidth utilization (helping to avoid costly bandwidth upgrades and allowing more bang for your buck)
  • Up to 98% reduction of application protocol chattiness – making applications work better
  • Number of TCP packets required to transfer data reduced by 65-98%
  • Optimisation of SSL-encrypted traffic
  • Allows for remote workers to get faster access to corporate application (reducing 3G/4G costs)

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