This week, key members of Cisilion’s Microsoft Practice joined hundreds of partners at Twickenham for Microsoft’s Partner Day. In a week focusing on core solution areas including Data & AI and Application & Infrastructure, Cisilion’s James Anderson and Danny Devereux share their key takeaways from the event.

Windows 10: Deployed from Above
(or the Cloud)

James Anderson, Microsoft Solutions Architect

I’ve been sitting at Microsoft’s Partner Day thinking to myself… Gone are the days where you and your IT department spend hours upon hours tweaking your shiny new Windows OS image for roll-out, from testing LOB applications and the set-up of basic entities like wireless networks and printers.

Have no fear, Dynamic Deployment & Provisioning is here!

Now, IT departments rolling out new devices don’t even have to open the packaging, meaning your users feel loved when they get a shiny new device – peeling off that cellophane wrapping for the first time.

With Azure AD & Provisioning packages, you can completely customise your Windows 10 build and configuration from the Microsoft Cloud, setting up a provision package for bulk rollout or even setting up custom departmental packages, the choice is yours!

Once the user receives and unboxes their new device, they simply connect to any Wi-Fi network with internet access (home Wi-Fi, Starbucks, etc), log in with their Office 365 credentials and the providing package gets applied immediately. Your users will be able to start using their new device within a matter of minutes, with everything you would expect applied and in order.

For example:

Corporate networks, printers, enterprise polices, applications, certificates, start menu customisation, MDM enrolment… The list goes on!

All of this can be applied automatically with Dynamic Provisioning and the Microsoft Cloud, no more engineers spending countless hours, going slowly insane in dark build rooms, applying images over and over with USB sticks – You’re welcome!

If you’re thinking about your organisations future roll-out of Windows 10 and want a more agile way of going about it, get in touch with our experts and learn more about Microsoft and the Modern Workplace.

What makes a ‘Modern Workplace’?

Danny Devereux, Microsoft Sales Solutions Specialist

Today was day two of Microsofts’ Partner Days, a time for the Microsoft community to come and discuss all things Microsoft. Today the focus was Modern Workplace, but it got me thinking, what makes a ‘Modern Workplace’? (Hint – It’s not just having a swanky office in the city with a few ping-pong tables in the kitchen)

And let’s be honest, you would probably get a different answer from each person you asked about what a Modern Workplace meant to them, but this is my blog so I will tell you what it means to me.

“For me, a Modern Workplace is about the connected worker”

Someone who works from anywhere, on any device, on any OS. They can collaborate with colleagues and customers from all around the world and do so in a secured and safe environment that empowers them to be the most productive and creative person they can be. It certainly isn’t the type of workplace that works in silos, spends all day cleaning their inbox only for it to be a mess come 5.30pm

Technology should empower people – not constrict them

We hear all the time about ‘The fourth industrial Revolution’, and to be honest it’s become a bit of a throw away phrase. But when you take a step back and think about the magnitude of change that both our personal and work lives are going through down to the power of technology, it really is astonishing.

One point that Joe Macri, VP of One Commercial Partner made is that ‘We are now living in the future we’ve always dreamed about’ AI, Machine Learning and Big Data are soon to be engraved into every aspect of our lives, and organisations who don’t embrace this are handing their competition a foot up in the race.

How is your organisation capitalising on these opportunities? Get in touch to discuss how we can help you on your way to truly becoming a ‘Modern Workplace’ and reap the rewards that having more agile, productive and connected workforce brings.