At Cisilion, we are always looking for fresh ways to create a better collaboration experience for our customers. Our vision is to create a seamless user experience that keeps everyone connected and makes sure tech tools are easily adopted. And when your tools work together, everyone can spend less time troubleshooting and more time collaborating.

When it comes to online meetings, Cisco WebEx and Spark are the tools for collaboration. It’s simple to adopt and the easy-to-use video endpoints connect every desk, every team room, and every home office. Whenever I speak to my customers, I always run through these four key factors for taking part in our WebEx free trial:

1. Affordability

Price can be a big sticking point in any project, but we find many organisations today paying for multiple dispersed collaboration tools.  When you consider services like audio conferencing with PSTN access, together with video bridging and perhaps interoperability, then these costs can really start to add up. With Cisco’s latest collaborative offerings, our customers are benefiting by consolidating all these services into a single subscription and therefore reducing their overall costs.

2. User Experience

Our key objective is to bring people, space, and technology together to align workspaces with work activities. We are helping many of our customers deliver a set of team tools using Cisco Spark and WebEx to facilitate a complete collaborative user experience.

cisco team tools

These tools are available today and are built to provide a consistent user experience across all devices to enable increased productivity.

3. Innovation

Technology changes quickly, and Cisco Spark with WebEx collaboration is no exception. New ways of tackling old problems and out-of-the-box thinking are moving the bar and delivering new features that make meetings feel more like in-person than ever before. “Better than being there” isn’t just a saying anymore. Cisco has built a complete secure Cloud-based architecture to deliver a rich set of collaboration tools to any device and any location.

4. Design

Cisco has recently released a unique set of collaboration endpoints that not only complement Spark, like the Spark Board but are also very well designed.  During many of our Innovation Centre sessions, our customers get to fully experience how these technologies can fit into their everyday use cases.

If this has piqued your interest, I’d love to welcome you to Cisilion’s Innovation Centre in central London where we can assess your current environment and see if you will benefit from our free Cisco WebEx and Spark trial, where you can use Cisco’s award-winning video room systems, benefit from Cisco WebEx meetings and revolutionise your team collaboration with Cisco Spark – all without any cost or commitment.

Written by Iqbal Javaid, Cisilion’s Senior Collaboration Consultant.

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