Cisco Webex ventures into VR

Cisilion are the only IT provider demoing Cisco Webex Virtual Reality (VR) in our Central London Innovation Centre. Register your interest to see it live below.

Want to have a virtual collaboration room for your team, where you can meet, discuss and interact? An experience where you can all be in the same room even though you are thousands of miles apart?

Cisilion are excited to be the only partners demoing Cisco Webex in VR. With the Cisco Webex in VR app, now available in the Oculus store, you can see how people would collaborate in a 3D world. Be one of the first ones to test the concept in action.

Be part of Cisco’s vision. Attend a meeting in a virtual world, say goodbye to 2D flat screens, interact with content like never before or even share a whiteboard session.

Interested? Fill in the form below to come and test the Cisco Webex VR for yourself and unfold what the future holds.