The new and improved XtremIO

Dell EMC has refreshed its XtremIO All-Flash array with the introduction of the next generation platform – XtremIO X2 and XIOS 6.0 software. XtremIO X2 is the latest in Dell EMC’s premier enterprise storage offerings, following up on the spectacular success of the previous generation of the XtremIO platform that set the benchmark for consistent performance, efficiency and agility with its unique content-aware, metadata-centric architecture and integrated copy data management (iCDM) capabilities. X2 builds on the incredibly successful X1 platform to strengthen both these capabilities to bring new levels of efficiency, agility and performance. Highlights of the new platform include:

  • Unmatched Storage Efficiency:
    X2 now offers up to 25 percent on average better data reduction to minimize the storage footprint even further – making XtremIO the ultimate platform. In addition, with support for 2x the number of XtremIO Virtual Copies (XVC) per cluster, customers can make XVCs more frequently, and retain them for longer periods – expanding the incredibly popular iCDM capabilities. In fact, with over 3,000 XtremIO customers, we have found that more than half of the 1.5M XVCs created on XtremIO arrays are writable and being actively used for things like test/dev.
  • Dramatically Improved Density, Multi-dimensional Scalability:
    X2 provides 4x the rack density with over 100TB effective capacity per U and additional flexibility with the ability to scale up in increments as small as 6 SSDs up to 138TB raw per X-Brick – 3x more capacity per X-Brick than the previous generation. In addition, it can scale out with full or partially populated X-Bricks as needed. It will be able to scale out to 8 X-Bricks in any increment – odd or even for up to 5.5PB effective capacity per cluster.
  • Extreme Performance:
    New X2 hardware and XIOS 6.0 software greatly improves performance including up to 80 percent better response times and support for up to 40 percent more concurrent users for VDI. It offers 2x faster VMware storage operations with a single X2 X-Brick offering up to 40GB/s bandwidth.
  • Dramatically Lower Price:
    With software innovations along with a brand new XtremIO hardware platform, X2 is as low as one third the price ($/GB effective).
  • Consumer Simplicity with Enterprise Capabilities:
    XIOS 6.0 introduces a new version of XtremIO Management Software (XMS) with a new HTML5 GUI and a variety of enhancements. These include innovative, contextual, automated workflow suggestions for management activities as well as advanced reporting and analytics for easier troubleshooting. In addition, new global search means you can quickly find that needle in the haystack.

The next generation XtremIO X2 solidifies XtremIO as the ultimate platform for workloads like VDI and iCDM (large scale snapshot) use cases including Test/Dev, analytics and more.

William Taylor, Data Centre Specialist at Cisilion