What’s new with the Cisco & Apple partnership?

Its been almost a year since Apple and Cisco announced their new partnership, but until recently it was just words. Over the last year, engineers at Apple and Cisco have been working, tweaking the existing standards to tackle two very important aspects of enterprise mobility: optimised Wi-Fi roaming and prioritised business applications.

The tight integration between Cisco and Apple means that today, IT managers can transform the mobility experience for their user by taking native business applications running on the best devices over the world’s best corporate networks.

Recent test results prove it:

  • Higher reliability for real-time apps (20% increase in audio quality)
  • Reduction in web-browsing failures (up to 90%)
  • Reduced management overhead due to fewer SSIDs (Up to 50%)
  • Reduction in network message load from device during roaming (Up to 86%)

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Alex Hooper, CTO at Cisilion