We interviewed the HR Director from one of our large insurance customers, to see how IT technology has helped empower her workforce and helped the company as a whole.

What are the key tools you have found most useful from an HR perspective to maintain a happy, motivated workforce?

“Unified Communication tools, in particular video conferencing is crucial for the HR function, and is a technology we use daily. Mainly used for interviews, employee reviews, on boarding and 121’s, it is a great engagement tool that feels personal enough to be sitting in the same room. Occasionally, as we have multiple offices, our Monthly Management meetings are executed via VC, which has proven to work fantastically.  Video conferencing has resulted in impressive cost and time savings, with a significant impact on overall company expenses.

Collaboration solutions have allowed us to enable the ‘remote office’ and a connected workforce. We are able to give our employees the right tools to work wherever, maintaining the team spirit and ethos even though we are sitting in different offices. We have implemented flexible working across the entire company, giving our employees the work-life balance they need and want.

We use SharePoint to keep all our internal HR documents and briefs in one place, and Yammer as a social platform for internal and external updates – and a little bit of fun.

Overall, IT technologies have helped my role immensely. I have reduced costs, acquired a happier workforce with a higher retention rate, and eased the way I can communicate and collaborate across global offices on different devices.”