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Cisilion’s business and technology focused Innovation Centre is located in the heart of London. Far more than just a demonstration suite, it’s an end-to-end virtual business environment with the best of breed technology including Cisco, Microsoft and DELL EMC.

At the Innovation Centre, our customers can hold lifecycle and adoption workshops in addition to acting as a training site for your onsite and remote teams. Embark on your Cisilion Innovation Centre journey and join us for a unique experience no other IT reseller in London can offer.

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Collaboration Experiences

The #ModernWorkplace is many things – it's about people, their office spaces and the technology which enables them to work and be productive no matter who they are, what they do or where they are.

Surface is the “ultimate device for the modern workplace”. Built by Microsoft to lead the way and innovate other OEMs, Surface has been designed with digital transformation in mind.

Cisilion holds Modern Workplace Value Discovery Workshops in its London based Innovation Centre to help educate on the art of the possible and showcase the latest next-generation technology.

Simplify, secure and streamline your collaboration workflows – let the Cisilion Innovation Centre technologies help your business. Join our 2 hour workshop to learn about next generation collaboration.

Let the Cisilion Flexible and Activity Based Working demo, hosted with our Innovation Centre technologies help your business.

Do you have the tools to Make Meetings matter? Join our experience and let the Cisilion Innovation Centre technologies help accelerate your decision making. 

Security Experiences

At the completion of this experience you will understand the unique capabilities of Microsoft AIP, CAS and Intune (Part of Microsoft EM+S), and how they can help protect and secure your confidential data and help you meet challenges like GDPR.

Ransomware, Malware, Spear Phishing and Network Breaches are affecting more organisations than ever. Book your bespoke experience now, before your organisation hits the headlines and you need to hit the job sites.

Join Cisilion’s 2 hour Ransomware experience to learn how to protect your company from cyber attacks. Cisilion aims to change the status quo. Our security offerings are bespoke, intuitively designed, and easy to use.

Attend Cisilion's DNA Intuitive Network experience to secure your company from unwanted threats. At this 2 hour workshop we will discuss and demo the key components of the intuitive network including Cisco DNA Center and APIC-EM controller.

Join Cisilion's experience to learn how we are helping organisations to meet the growing compliance regulations like GDPR data protection through a new breed of born-in-the-cloud security solutions.

Cloud & Data Centre Experiences

Leveraging a cloud-first approach can reap rewards for many organisations. As the take up of cloud grows many organisations are looking at how they can exploit the benefits of this approach.

Join Cisilion's Innovation Centre to come experience the future of networking and how to modernise costly and complex legacy WANs.

At the completion of this experience session you will understand the capabilities and challenges of adopting  Microsoft Cloud services like Azure, and have a clear plan of the next steps on your cloud journey.

Attend our Data Centre Availability & Protection experience and learn how the latest technology can help your business plug the gaps in IT availability and develop a solid data protection strategy.

Attend our Demystifying Hyperconverged Infrastructure experience and learn how next generation technology can help your business modernise its Data Centre strategy.