Technical Consultancy

At Cisilion, our technical consultants transcend the role of mere service providers to embody a strategic partnership.

We customise solutions to exceed your goals, with a focus on efficiency, security, and innovation.

Cisilion’s technical consultancy team offers specialised services spanning Networking and Security, Cloud Services, Modern Workspace, Hybrid Platforms and Unified Communication and Collaboration. Our consultants play a pivotal role in propelling digital transformation, ensuring optimal network performance, robust cybersecurity, seamless cloud navigation, modernised workplace technologies, and optimised collaboration tools.

Our strategic and transformative approach surpasses mere enhancement; it aspires to revolutionise your systems. In Networking and Security, we devise resilience strategies against evolving threats. In the cloud, we craft tailored solutions to meet your business requirements. For the Modern Workplace, we enhance your technological ecosystem for agility and future readiness. In Hybrid Platforms, we ensure a harmonious integration of on-premises and cloud solutions, maximising performance and flexibility. In Unified Communication and Collaboration, we reshape communication landscapes to facilitate seamless collaboration.

Our Consultancy Services

Networking & Security

Focusing on the design, implementation, multi-site intent-based Software-Defined Anything (SDx) technologies, such as Software-Defined Access (SDA) SD-DC platforms and SD-WAN, and aftercare of traditional and next-generation multi-vendors.

Cloud Services

Embark on a seamless journey to the cloud with Cisilion’s expert guidance. From strategic planning to implementation, we leverage cloud services to enhance agility, scalability, and overall business performance.

Modern Workspace

Transform your work environment into a hub of productivity and innovation. Our consultancy reshapes modern workspaces in alignment with your business objectives, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Hybrid Platforms

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of hybrid IT infrastructures. Cisilion’s technical consultancy ensures a smooth integration of on-premises and cloud solutions, maximising performance and flexibility.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Leverage the capabilities of unified communication and collaboration tools for enhanced connectivity. Cisilion’s expertise in this domain ensures seamless communication and collaboration, driving productivity and team synergy.

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