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Generative AI can potentially change the anatomy of work, augmenting the capabilities of individual workers by automating some of their activities. Generative AI and other technologies can potentially automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70 percent of employees’ time today. – McKenzie 2023

What Do We Do?

Our expertise in Microsoft automation and AI technologies can help you accelerate your digital transformation by moving beyond legacy approaches and transforming your business processes. This will allow your people to focus on higher value activities, while we help you leverage Microsoft cloud technologies such as Microsoft Copilot, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure AI, Power Automate, RPA, Power Platform AI Builder and Microsoft Syntex to modernise processes, reduce costs and drive innovations in how your organisation runs.
Our design, implementation and support services ensure Microsoft 365 and Azure provide maximum benefit to help your organisation reach its automation goals.

Did You Know?

increase in work output - Forrester Consulting Study
of data and analytics decision-makers see AI technologies having a positive impact in their organisations - Forrester Consulting Study
the incremental economic impact generative AI is expected to have on the economy - McKinsey
of business leaders believe AI will have a positive impact on leadership - Microsoft Work Trend Index, 2023
of potential time saved on average for employees using AI and automation across duties performed today - McKenzie

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What Makes Us Great?

C-Suite level AI workshops a week since June 2023
1 of only 20 Microsoft partners in the UK on AI Jumpstart programme - there are 30,000 MSFT partners in the UK

Outcomes and Benefits

From business readiness, use case prioritisation, Microsoft Copilot enablement and bespoke AI-based document automation solutions to complex system integrations, we help you understand feasibility and establish the business case. With Microsoft 365 and Azure AI, help you place the power and potential of AI for every part of your business with off-the-shelf, or tailored integrations. Our design, implementation, adoption and support services ensure Microsoft 365 and Azure provide maximum benefit to help your organisation reach its automation goals.

Realise the Benefit of Microsoft Copilot

From business and technical readiness, data and information governance, interoperability, extensibility, and adoption and change management, we have a tailored programme of activities that help organisations recognise up to 70% of people and team productivity gains achievable from Microsoft Copilot. -Work Trend Index report Nov 2023

Build Generative AI into Every Function

Realise the potential of Generative AI for every employee and customer by building your own secure “Copilots” tailored to your specific needs with your choice of language models whist prioritising security, adhering to your data compliance and driving innovation.

Extend AI Capability with your Data

Extend Microsoft Copilot or your own Copilots to include your data and information wherever it is stored, without the limits and restrictions of public AI tools. Innovate your existing Apps and websites with Generative AI tools to provide improved employee and customer experiences with AI-powered chat.

Automate Processes

Automate time-consuming processes like invoicing, data management, claims analysis, form processing and data analysis, so your team can focus on exceptional cases process improvement rather than manual processing.

Streamline and Consolidate Tech Spend

We help you streamline and architect your AI technology spend within the Microsoft cloud. Our well-architected review and FinOps management services ensure costs are understood, transparent and optimised to provide maximum business value whilst minimising spend without compromise.

Book an AI and Automation experience

Book a Business briefing or workload-specific AI and Automation experience in our CEC, remote or in your offices.