Why Good Maintenance Matters

Why Good Maintenance Matters

Written by Corey Rosenberg, Head of Maintenance

Whether your customers are trying to order a Big Mac or sausage roll in-store, or getting their supermarket shop online, the reliability and efficiency of systems are paramount. Companies worldwide rely heavily on their networks to conduct daily operations, communicate with customers, and drive business growth. However, recent events have brought to light the importance of robust maintenance support. 

From downtime to cybersecurity breaches, the consequences of neglected maintenance and support can be severe. These incidents underscore the critical importance of investing in comprehensive maintenance cover for IT infrastructure. While some businesses may perceive maintenance costs as an unnecessary expense, the reality is quite the opposite.  

With maintenance costs steadily growing in line with the cost of living increases, and vendors increasing support pricing due to rising costs, as we are seeing in everyday life, it’s more important than ever to start exploring early renewals on existing support to lock in the lowest possible price. 

Multi-year contracts are key to unlocking discounts on support and can save as much as 3-5% across the term when working with a Cisco Gold Partner. This process also enables you to review current support end dates, renewals, and service gaps to provide savings and protect from future increases in support costs.  

This advice is more pertinent than ever, with news of at least 10% increases in Cisco support coming in August 2024. With less than six months until this increase, it’s important to start engaging with your Cisco Gold Partner to ensure you are receiving the best value for money on your maintenance. 

As award-winning technology and service integrators, Cisilion is best positioned to complement in-house teams with a high level of expertise in enterprise network, data centre, security and collaboration architecture. Through our global sparing solutions, we can ensure replacement parts get to your location within agreed SLAs. In addition, onsite services provide direct access to field resources for installing your hardware. 

If you’d like more information on the 10% price increase or want to talk to our Maintenance team about the services Cisilion can offer, please complete the form below and our team will be in touch.

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