Why Get VxRAil?

Why Get VxRAil?

What is VxRail?

The VxRail Appliance is the easiest and fastest way to simplify and extend a VMware environment while dramatically reducing IT operations complexity and lowering capital and operational costs. It is the industry’s only hyper-converged appliance that delivers kernel-layer integration between VMware vSAN and the vSphere hypervisor, delivering unique and unmatched performance and efficiency benefits.

VxRail sets a new standard for hyper-converged infrastructure appliances as IT organizations look to solutions that simplify and improve operational efficiency. It is jointly developed as one by Dell EMC and VMware to simply plug into a VMware environment. VxRail Appliances are available in a variety of platforms that include configure-to-order options such as hybrid versus all-flash storage, number of cores, amount of memory, volume of storage capacity, and network connectivity type.

What are the benefits of VxRail?

A recent research paper by the Edison Group validated that:

  • Deploying an initial VxRail is 95% faster and requires 86% fewer steps than deploying a single rack server
  • Deploying subsequent VxRail Appliances is 96% faster and requires 99% fewer steps than deploying additional rack-mounted servers
  • On average, VxRail users have experienced a 30% reduction in TCO

And according to the analyst firm Enterprise Systems Group (ESG):

  • It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to deploy a VxRail Appliance and just five minutes to add a new one

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