What is Software Defined Datacentre?

What is Software Defined Datacentre?

The Basics of Software Defined Datacentre

If you are involved in the enterprise IT sector you should by now have heard your peers talking about “The software defined data centre” or “SDDC” for short. This has been a key focus area in the data centre space for some time now and with good reason.

SDDC is an infrastructure based on virtualised compute, storage and network and will often include additional layers such as management, automation and protection. The journey started with server virtualisation in order to gain better ROI and utilisation of server assets.

Most organisations are already a long way down their virtualisation path (Gartner advise over 75% of organisations). With the introduction of software-defined networking and storage, control of the infrastructure is entirely automated by software. This enables your IT Department to increase agility by delivering services faster and more reliably. The net result is the IT team have time to focus on more innovative areas and most importantly get your products and services to market quicker.

The SDDC platform enables organisations to have workload mobility and provides an ideal architecture for private, hybrid and public clouds. We are now truly in an era where the technology has matured and customers are already implementing this model for their production workloads. Next week, I am hosting a 30 minute webinar, where we will show you the components that make up the SDDC, why businesses are adopting this innovative technology and how to begin your journey into SDDC.

William Taylor, Data Centre Practice Lead at Cisilion

Where can I register?

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