When I was looking to apply for marketing internships this summer, I was won over by Cisilion’s amazing work with their clients, including huge names such as hmv, SEGA and Aspen. Through searching their website, I could see the IT infrastructure integrator had won impressive awards, especially in their marketing department, and I knew this was the company I wanted to intern for.

Arriving at the Office

I was incredibly nervous and intimidated about working in the heart of busy London, surrounded by the thousands of commuters, but when I stepped into the office, it was not at all what I expected. I was welcomed openly by a cheerful team and quickly learned this was not your typical London office. Each member of Cisilion is passionate about what they do and was eager to pass down their knowledge, and from the first day, I was treated as part of #TeamCisilion by being given my own desk, laptop and company e-mail. It was easy to settle into the office routine and my nerves had immediately disappeared, especially with the beautiful view of London from Heron Tower right in front of me.

I was shown around the office and my favourite room, by far, had to be their outstanding innovation centre. I was impressed by the Cisco WebEx Board and Microsoft Surface Hub and the many features I was able to play around with. I urge anyone to come and check out Cisilion’s innovation centre and the experiences they have to offer in Collaboration, Security and Data Centre & Cloud.

Beginning the week

My start of the week consisted of 1-1 meetings with each member of the Marketing department where I could get to know them, learn about working in the industry and ask as many questions as I wanted. Learning so much from such a skilled and expert team of people really helped to give me an idea of exactly what I wanted to do. I also got to shadow the day-to-day activity of the Digital Marketing and Campaign Manager, George Knight, and see what it’s like to work in his position, as well as attending internal and external meetings where I got to meet a wide range of people discussing many different elements of the role.

It was exciting to watch the marketing team work together on a project, contributing their individual input and watching their jobs come to life, which made me even more excited to work in the industry. It was great to see a team work so closely together and value each other’s roles so much.

Filming a case study

The team gave me the opportunity to accompany them whilst filming a case study with one of their impressive customers of over 10 years. I had seen their case studies online so I was excited to work alongside the film crew and the marketing department of Cisilion and their customer to watch them produce the amazing content in action. It also meant I got to discuss different fields of work with people who are directly in them and was even allowed to be in the video!

HTEC shop

Marketing Training

Back at the office, I was given valuable training in using WordPress to aid with a personal blog I run myself. By being given the opportunity to write for Cisilion’s website, I felt fortunate to have my writing featured on the company’s blog. I also received training using the well-known marketing automation tool, HubSpot, uploading data analysis I had been working on during the week – I can now impress my future employers with my wide-ranging knowledge using this tool. They gave me amazing tips and advice on marketing design and campaigns that I can take back with me and will surely help me with my future career in Marketing.

Ending the week

My week with Cisilion was an unforgettable experience and it was a pleasure to work alongside such incredibly talented people who are so passionate about their roles. They made me feel welcome and part of the team from the first day and I feel extremely lucky to be able to work at such a renowned company. I recommend anyone who is interested in working for Cisilion to apply because it is rare to see a company where all of the people are so genuinely enthusiastic about their roles and work so closely and well together. Any company that is interested in partnering with Cisilion should definitely check out the amazing experiences and offers they have available for you.