Written by Tori Barnard, Microsoft Specialist Solutions Lead

Back in November 2019, Microsoft first launched the NCE for Azure in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, which will continue to be available. Since, Microsoft have built upon the CSP program in a bid to reduce costs and provide increased flexibility to meet client requirements.

In August, Microsoft updated the New Commerce Experience (NCE) to include Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365 and Power Platform. As a result, this will require existing customers to commit quantities for fixed term licensing agreements by 30th June 2022. New customers however, will go on NCE by March 2022 and will not be able to sign up on the old plan.



Monthly Billing

Returning to the office, be it in a hybrid or 100% remote way, has resulted in the revision of IT strategies to optimise on cost, whilst maintaining efficiency and a streamlined process. As part of the NCE program, renewals will be subject to a price increase. Cisilion understand the importance of cash flow, therefore, we will continue to offer monthly payment terms on these committed contracts.


Mixing it up – Flex & Fixed Contracts

Additionally, our licensing experts will work with customers that have experienced challenges on committed purchase to introduce a mix of flexible and fixed contracts. As a result, you will be able to have a percentage of your customers on the fixed contract, with the remainder on a flexible contract. In turn, only those on the flexible contract will be subject to price increases – providing you with the ability to have flexibility whilst saving on cost at the lowest price points.


Competitive Rates to suit your requirements

Cisilion also pride ourselves on helping our customers save money on their cloud consumption and software licenses. We carefully review the existing licensing subscriptions, providing the licenses at competitive rates so that customers can operate within their financial budgets for 2021. Numerous customers have transitioned to Cisilion because of our competitive model, alongside our honesty on Microsoft software and the associated costs.


User Persona Mapping

As part of Cisilion’s customer lifecycle management, we review and assess the licenses provided to our client to meet their business needs. User persona mapping ensures that the relevant licenses and solutions are allocated correctly per user. Additionally, we are able to provide insights on user adoption, to ensure that we onboard and renew customers on the most suitable plans depending on the scenario and challenges.

In summary, Cisilion can offer the following as part of the NCE ‘per seat’ model for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365 and Power Platform:

  • Continue to offer monthly billing on all contract types
  • Hybrid of flexible and fixed contracts
  • Competitive rates
  • User persona mapping
  • Cisilion’s CSP provisioning portal & Insights dashboard
  • Microsoft funded workshops
  • 12 months price protection
  • Self-service via Cascade
  • Access to our Microsoft Product & Technical Solution Specialists


Next steps

For greater detail on the New Commerce Experience CSP Program, get in touch below and we will put you in contact with our Microsoft  Specialists.