Microsoft Inspire 2018 – Cisilion’s Initial Key Takeaways

Microsoft Inspire 2018 – Cisilion’s Initial Key Takeaways

Returning back to our London office after a packed week in Vegas, Cisilion’s CSO Rob Quickenden and Microsoft Solutions Architect James Anderson share their initial key takeaways from Microsoft Inspire 2018:

Why Surface is the device for everything in your life

Rob Quickenden, Chief Strategy Officer

After spending many hours with the Surface Business Group at Microsoft, it’s clear that Surface really is the ultimate device for everything in your life.

Microsoft’s continued investment and success in Surface has placed them in the top four commercial device vendors. The current and upcoming device line up (sorry, it’s under NDA) demonstrates the strides and successes Microsoft are having in transforming the modern desktop with a device that is built around and for the Microsoft 365 and Teams – a device that drives and enables the secure, modern desktop in a rapidly shifting workspace culture.

From driving digital transformation across the workplace to allowing natural expression and creativity, improving collaboration and natural working through ink and touch, Microsoft has created a range of devices designed for everyone and for everything. A desirable, powerful yet extremely secure device that fuels and enables the modern worker, the modern office and the modern desktop.

If you’ve not tried surface in your business – I challenge you to download my Surface Deep Dive Whitepaper below and then try Surface from Cisilion through our Surface as a Service trial:


The future of Intelligent Communications is in reaching distance

James Anderson, Microsoft Solution Architect

With Microsoft Teams now at feature parity with Skype for Business Online, you’re probably asking yourself…What next?!

During this week’s Microsoft Inspire conference, Microsoft explained how using AI and machine learning in the near future, Teams will recognise meeting participants face’s as they walk into the room, along with recognising the meeting owner and allowing them to control the meeting via Cortana voice control.

Taking it to a whole new Star Trek level, remote users will soon be able to use Microsoft’s HoloBeam technology to project an entire body image of themselves to a free chair at the meeting table, from where ever they are in the world. Using Microsoft’s HoloLense mixed reality technology, users can also collaborate on things like architectural designs or CAD drawing, the possibilities are almost endless…

Microsoft are really focusing on enabling a seamless end to end intelligent collaboration stack utilising AI to aid users, helping out with what can be menial tasks, such as:

  • Note taking, action taking and assignment
  • Session recording (video and all other meeting content)
  • Annotating the meeting and making the entire meeting content searchable afterwards using eDiscovery, enabling watch later users to skip straight to the relevant points in the meeting
  • Cortana in meetings, chairing meetings taking notes, adding people into the meeting, muting the audience or individual people, etc. all via voice command.

These are just some of the steps Microsoft are taking to make meetings, intelligent meetings, enabling the work force to focus on the important things. If your organisation is thinking about moving to Teams, get in touch with our collaboration experts today and book your Innovation Centre Experience.