Microsoft announce new seamless information protection capabilities

Microsoft announce new seamless information protection capabilities

In this week’s Cisilion blog, our CSO Rob Quickenden talks us through Microsoft’s latest announcement to provide seamless information protection across your devices, apps and data, whether on-premises or in the cloud:

With the exponential increase in the number of data breaches, combined with fresh regulatory compliance such as GDPR immanent, Microsoft have today made another leap forward in achieving their goal of providing a truly holistic information protection strategy.

Microsoft have been on a journey with their information protection and compliance, and for some years now, with their focus broadening from simply Azure Information Protection to wider primary data protection technology. This means they can deliver a more comprehensive set of information protection capabilities across their technologies.

Microsoft’s new capabilities

Today, Microsoft have announced the general availability and preview of new set of capabilities that help businesses protect their data regardless of where it lives, whether that’s in the Cloud or On-Premise, or on what and how it travels. Microsoft have also made a huge leap forward in unifying the labeling experience across the Azure Information Protection and Office 365 Security and Compliance Centre – which has been a bug bear for many since Azure IP came out.

The following have been announced today:

  • Release of Azure Information Protection scanner, allowing ingestion and labeling of existing files and data.
  • Preview of native labelling of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files on Mac.
  • Preview of unified labelling and protection schema in Office 365 and Azure Information Protection.
  • Preview of Information Protection SDK for labelling and protection.
  • Preview on native labelling of files in SaaS apps with integration of Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • Preview of the Information Protection administrator role which is critical for larger organisations who employ and Information Protection Administrator for GDPR and Compliance.

If this piques your interest, click here to book a free Microsoft Security and Compliance workshop in our Innovation Centre where you can discuss the impact of these new capabilities with our Microsoft Solutions experts.

Written by Cisilion CSO, Rob Quickenden