Cisilion loves young and enthusiastic talent, and we always welcome students to join us for their work experience. We were fortunate to have Emma Weeks with us last week, and are now excited to share her thoughts about her time at Cisilion as well as her thoughts around technology. We asked Emma about her current technology consumption, and how she envisions the workplace of the future.

A bit about me:

“My name is Emma Weeks, I am 17 years old.  I am currently studying for my A levels at Harlow College; my chosen subjects are Photography, Media, English Literature and History.  In my free time I take part in a variety of activities linked with Scouting such as Young leadering with a group of Beaver Scouts, volunteering to help on catering teams and taking part in Explorer scouts, my other hobbies include photography and special effects makeup which I apply to various media assignments for my course.

My current technology usage:

On a daily basis I will use a Mac or Mac book, an IPad and my phone.  Due to the fact that two of my college courses demand the use of computer software such as editing programmes I frequently use Macs at college. When I am at home I often use my Mac book to write essays opposed to hand writing them, so that I have a backed up copy of my work in the event that I lost my folder. The college also supplies every student with an IPad, which I frequently use to airdrop notes between myself and other classmates as well as to carry out additional research in class.  I use my phone regularly throughout the day for multiple activities such as searching for bus time tables and organising events and instant messaging to collaborate on group projects with my friends in Facebook group chats as well as checking my email frequently.

My experience at Cisilion:

Whilst at Cisilion I have used a variety of technology. Cisilion uses technology every day to allow them to connect both with their customers and as a company.  I have communicated a great deal over email with members of the marketing team, as well as calling members of the team who were at the Cisco Live Conference in Berlin.  The most impressive use of technology of the week was used to have a video chat with members of the team who were in Berlin using Jabber.  Jabber allowed me to be introduced to both Merit and Valma, and to be given a greater level of insight into what their jobs required.  Cisilion also implements a highly successful instant messaging chat amongst its employees to ensure that everyone can connect at any time, which allows for extreme flexibility.

My future expectations of the work place:

In the future I would expect companies to have a faster network connection to enable for maximum efficiency for employees, company databases to be easily accessible from home to allow for flexible working hours, efficient integration between work devices and personal devices to allow for instant messaging to be accessible on employees mobiles, calls to be transferred from desktop handsets to mobiles to allow for work outside of the office, as well as video mails with embedded screen shots to document project progress.

Some of the things which I would desire when joining the workplace at this include:

  1. Instant messaging to allow me to communicate with colleagues in in an efficient way which I am familiar with.
  2. Video chats to allow employees to work flexibly yet efficiently.
  3. The technology implemented by the company should be fully integrated to allow for effective communication and maximum flexibility.

Currently Cisilion carries out these requirements making it an enjoyable and efficient place to work.”

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