Four reasons why your business needs Cisilion’s Webex board Trial

Four reasons why your business needs Cisilion’s Webex board Trial

Cisco’s Webex Board plays a key part in my Innovation Centre meetings, so it’s no surprise that during these sessions, my customers frequently want to know more about what I’m using. From whiteboarding to video calls, collaboration to sharing wirelessly, I can always sense their temptation to sign up for our Webex Board trial, so they can appreciate the benefits in their own working environment.

Since the advantages of using a Webex Board are more than apparent in person, I like to keep my pitch short and sweet as to why they should be the next customer to join our trial:

1. Present to the world

The Webex Board becomes the focal point of your team meetings and is ideal for showcasing your presentations, documents and drawings on a stunning 55-inch or 70-inch, 4K UHD screen. Using the Webex Board, you can annotate and share your presentations directly with your team from the cloud or wirelessly, meaning your team are able to collaborate and action notes straight away.

2. Efficient Integration

The Webex platform includes the capability to integrate with your existing environment via Hybrid Services, these include Calendar and Directory integration, Single Sign-On and Hybrid Calling Services with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisilion can also integrate existing applications and workflows into the Webex Board to provide an enhanced user experience.

3. Game-changing conferencing

Your meeting experience will be further enhanced through the HD display and audio options, using a 4k resolution fixed-lense and intelligent audio that automatically adjusts and tracks and adjusts the active speaker’s volume so that clear audio is delivered to the far end.

4. An open relationship

As a Webex user, you’re not only automatically paired to your office device, you can walk up to any Webex Board and instantly log in through Cisco’s ultrasound pairing technology, meaning you can get access to your team spaces on the move, keeping you in the conversation.

If you’re interested in our trail of the award-winning Webex Board, get in touch with our collaboration experts today.

Written by Iqbal Javaid, Cisilion’s Senior Collaboration Consultant