Microsoft Inspire: Day 3

Our Daniel Jones is at Washington DC attending #MSInspire and he has been sharing his thoughts on the conference. Check out his thoughts on day 3 below:

  1. I think it’s is interesting I did not see a Union Jack flag or a UK section at any of the 3 keynote sessions at the Verizon centre
  2. I think my man crush on Satya is old news because…
  3. I think Brad Smith is the new sheriff in town because he was the star performer at Inspire this week, no question.
  4. I think I cannot wait to get back to the UK to de-brief the captain of the Cisilion Microsoft ship (Rob Quickenden) on the lessons I have learned, the partners that I have met and the our collaborative plans for a great next FY.
  5. I think I cannot wait to launch the power of our marketing team onto Microsoft and our customers led by Hannah, with outstanding support from Merit and Valma who win virtually every Cisco award so next stop Microsoft.
  6. I think that every partner I talked to this year were so impressed (…and slightly envious :)) and keen to utilise Cisilion’s Heron Tower City of London Innovation Centre.
  7. I think this might be an unpopular view but I think it’s great that after the restructure the Microsoft sellers ha hum, have to sell.
  8. I think I need to ascertain where I can buy A1 sauce in London.
  9. I think I am so glad I know how to engage with the UK Inspire Microsoft team because I have met and spoken with contacts/business leaders I have known for years who did not get any focus from many of the Microsoft UK Inspire partner team who were in most cases huddling among themselves.
  10. I think I have been MSINSPIRE has certainly Inspired me.

Daniel Jones, Account Director, Cisilion