We had a chat with Cisilion’s own CFO Chris Morris to find out what are the key IT Tools in his daily role that have helped with cutting company costs and increasing productivity.

“Within the finance team at Cisilion we use a large array of technology to aid us within our department. The key tools are definitely around Unified Communications, especially WebEx and Cisco Video Conferencing, which my team use daily for training sessions and for sharing financial information with colleagues and customers. In FY16, the use of collaboration tools across our multiple offices resulted in travel cost savings of 38%.

Something crucial to the finance team is keeping everything secure. With our Cisco Security solutions, we have password protected, secured financial directories, which act as an enforcement of global regulatory requirements.

Additionally, thanks to our datacentre we have low latency networks. This is critical for cloud applications such as SharePoint, which we use for all internal documentation. This has allowed us to get rid of old chunky spreadsheets and our cluttered F-Drive, saving us over 4TB of space since implementation.

I’m excited about the future and especially the direction IT is heading to – it can not only transform a finance department, but an entire business.”

Chris Morris, Chief Financial Officer at Cisilion