Written by Rob Quickenden, Chief Technology Officer
Cisilion’s Chief Technology Officer

Cisilion is proud to announce that we have achieved the new Cloud Security Advanced Specialisation as part of a wide range of Microsoft specializations we hold across Modern Work, Security, and Azure.

In an increasingly digitised, connected, and cloud-first world, coupled with the alarming growth of targeted cyber-attacks and sophisticated cybersecurity threats – organisations know the importance of having a comprehensive, holistic, and Zero Trust approach to security across all facets of their business.

Cisilion has earned Microsoft’s prestigious advanced specialization in cloud security, as proof of our implementing comprehensive protection across endpoints, Microsoft Azure, and multi-cloud and hybrid environments. With the fast adoption of cloud and SaaS services, the growing number of point security products, and the exponential number of shadow-IT apps – there still remains a distinct lack of end-to-end visibility and control in multi-cloud environments. This combined with the global shortage of cloud security experts, organisations are increasingly implementing managed security services.

Earning this advanced specialization strengthens Cisilion’s 10+ year partnership with Microsoft and solidifies our position as a trusted provider of security services and consultancy to our customers with the backing and recognition of Microsoft.

Cisilion’s approach to cloud security through three primary dimensions: How to prevent, protect and preserve security in the cloud, leveraging a portfolio of best-of-breed services. Atos offerings provide its clients greater flexibility by leveraging and enhancing native cloud service provider security tools to the highest levels for an improved security posture.

My colleague Adam Hand, Head of Digital Workplace, sums it up perfectly when he said:

We are proud to receive this new acknowledgment from Microsoft as it demonstrates and showcases our commitment to Microsoft and to our customers of being a trusted partner of choice for securing their cloud journey.”

This specialization adds to Cisilions impressive Microsoft credentials as a holder of four Solutions Partner Designations and now seven Advanced Specializations across the Modern Work and Azure stacks. It is a great testament to #TeamCisilion of our efforts as we continue to grow our commitment with Microsoft


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