Cisco Webex vs Zoom – Who Do the Experts Prefer?

Cisco Webex vs Zoom – Who Do the Experts Prefer?

Written by Luke Ward, Head of Modern Workplace at Cisilion

There’s more to selecting an online meeting provider than what’s on the screen.

In this whitepaper, ZK Research explores the differences between Webex Meetings and Zoom Video Conferencing – detailing the criteria and benefits of choosing the right technology.

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Good enoughis no longer good enough

The vast majority of my clients use meeting room technology for critical negotiations, customer meetings and executive communications, and any disruption in quality could make a difference in success­fully closing a deal, making the right business decision or negotiating a partnership. The globalisa­tion of business and the need for speed and agility created by the pressures of digital transforma­tion have put an emphasis on online meeting tools.

However, as is the case with most things in the business world, “good enoughis no longer good enough when it comes to meeting applications. Businesses must not only choose an online meeting provider—they must choose the best one. With this in mind here are the three key recommendations made by ZK Research.


1. Consider the Entire Life Cycle

A wide range of meeting providers offer high-quality interfaces and enable workers to collaborate when geographic distance is an issue. However, there is more to collaboration than the actual meeting. Factors such as scheduling, recording capabilities and personalisation should all be considered. Also, collaboration has a continuum spanning from ad hoc, one-on-one discus­sions to well-coordinated boardroom meetings, which makes integration between workstream collaboration and meeting tools a must.


2. Think “Video First” with Meeting Tools

Video remains a highly underappreciated meeting tool. It enables workers to read body language, see facial expressions and build relationships. Also, people learn faster and retain more information when using video. Choose a meeting tool that is built to be video first and dynamically adjusts to continually deliver the best possible user experience.


3. Don’t make decisions based on Price

Every business needs to be fiscally responsible, and price should always be a consideration when choosing a product. In the online meeting market, there are many low-cost and free products. However, the low and nocost solutions are often missing many critical capabilities that can make meetings less effective—and this can cost businesses much more than the initial money they saved.


Your Next Step: Read the Whitepaper

With these three key factors in mind, download the ZK Research paper looking into the key differences between Webex Meetings and Zoom Video Conferencing and discover which system best suits your business.