This week on The Cisilion Blog we catch up with Sam Furnica, one of our Senior Security Consultants and today we’re diving into Cisco Umbrella, enjoy!

Every week, I talk to companies dealing with the implications of applications being moved to the cloud. At one point it was a revolution in the workplace, but the cloud is no longer a trend or a movement. It’s inevitable to find yourself using a wide range of SaaS applications, in the office today I’ve already used WebEx, Spark, Office 365 and Google Docs.

The availability of mobile devices and cloud services has redefined not only the way we work but where we work. But, the reality is that not every user connection goes through the VPN.

“82% of workers admit to not always using the VPN”

Combined with the shift towards mobility and BOYD, this creates a security headache that IT has been working hard to address. Critical infrastructures and massive amounts of sensitive data are now stored in the cloud, leaving companies at risk of damage if cloud accounts are compromised.

With Umbrella, even if a user gets infected, the call-back to the attacker’s server is blocked so the attack does not succeed. Because Umbrella operates at the DNS and IP layers, it acts as the first line of defence against threats, meaning malware and other attacks and threats will be stopped before they cause damage and security teams will have fewer infections to remediate. We recently launched a series of Experiences that our customers have been utilising to better understand the solutions out there that can help benefit their business. You can find out more about our Umbrella experience here.

To put it simply, Umbrella:

  • Offers the best protection to protect network access, anywhere users go
  • Is simple to deploy, so you can start protecting users in minutes
  • Is a cloud-based solution that protects all locations without hardware installation
  • Has seamless integration with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, Meraki MR Access Points and support for other wireless products

If this piqued your interest, Cisilion offers a 14 day free trial of Umbrella. If you’d like to find out more complete the form on the free trial page and a member of the Cisilion team will be in touch soon.