Cisco Announces Price Increase by Jan 30th

Cisco Announces Price Increase by Jan 30th

As a Cisco Gold Partner, the relationship between Cisilion and Cisco is a key focus. Our collaborative success has put Cisilion in a prime position as one of Cisco’s fastest-growing Gold Integration Partner.

Naturally, we aim to uphold the same effective and collaborative relationship with our clients as well as our vendors. As such, we would like you to know that effective from the 30th of January 2022, Cisco have announced to Partners that many of their products will be subject to price increases.

Coupled with the impact of the global semiconductor shortage and international supply chain issues, Cisilion are here to help mitigate the impact of these challenges through a variety of ways.


Secure your pre-increase pricing now 

Our Tier-1 partnership with Cisco will enable new opportunities to have pricing secured before the cut-off and leveraging the above facility, ensuring that you benefit from the existing value. Don’t need the hardware until next year? Cisilion will store your order until you need delivery.


Buy now, pay later 

If Cisco are already aware of your upcoming orders, it is ‘unlikely’ that discount extensions will be given past the 30th of Janaury. Cisilion can transact now at reduced rates, ensuring that your company will only pay when the equipment arrives.


Beat the crowds

For any projects/programmes in next year’s budget, Cisilion can order Cisco products now to secure the price and delay shipping for up to 6 months. Even after this date, we can leverage our facility to store and hold items until the time they are needed, if required.


Agility in supply chain 

As Cisco’s fastest growing Gold Integration Partner, we have far-reaching distribution channels that we can leverage on your behalf. Along with rental, refurb, and other vendors within our portfolio – Cisilion have your company well-covered.

With only a few weeks to spare before Cisco’s prices increase, ensure that your company is placed in the best position by speaking with Cisilion and allowing us to take you along the journey, enabling the growth of your company without compromising on spend.


What’s next?

For more information on how we can assist your company with the Cisco pricing increases before the end of January 2022, fill in the form below and we will get in contact.