Aspen empowers their workforce through enriched global collaboration

Aspen empowers their workforce through enriched global collaboration

In a 2015 Deloitte survey, 81% of insurance industry respondents indicated that their work environment and business practices are either “complex” or “very complex.” Insurance organisations are facing the pressure to embrace digitisation and technology to provide a simple and effective communications toolset.

“For insurance companies to thrive, leaders must guide their companies to become more agile and responsive by embracing new technology, empowering employees, and building a corporate culture focused on outstanding customer service and employee engagement.” Deloitte, Human Capital Trends in Insurance Industry, 2016

So how has Aspen empowered their workforce?

“Aspen is a global company and we needed to bring our people together across the globe, to make them feel part of a global team and enable them to communicate and collaborate most effectively. We needed the technology and capabilities to make employees feel they are part of a team and Cisco Jabber has allowed us to collaborate online, bringing us together as a community. Immersive TelePresence has brought the organisation a powerful face-to-face engagement, completely transforming global, executive level video conferencing. ” Lisa Gibbard, COO at Aspen

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