Secure your identities, usernames and passwords with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Ransomware, Malware, Spear Phishing and Network Breaches are affecting more organisations than ever, resulting in costly remediation, a risk of hefty fines and often resulting in short-term trauma and lingering damage to brand and share price.

The vast majority of security breaches rely on compromised credentials. Whether these are obtained early on in a breach by using spoofed login pages during a phishing attack; or used to impersonate an admin account using Pass the Hash techniques after an advanced malware infection – organisations who don’t take steps to protect their credentials are at significant risk.

New born-in-the-cloud identity and security solutions are available to help address these threats. Microsoft Identity & Security technologies like Enterprise Mobility + Security can help protect your identities for systems on-premises, in public SaaS/PaaS/IaaS solutions you manage, and even in third-party SaaS systems.

 Why attend?

During this 2 hour experience, you will understand how these technologies can help your organisation, and we will cover:

  • Overview of current threats and challenges
  • Overview of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Protecting Privileged Accounts
  • Securing external web applications
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access
  • Detecting and blocking credential threats and attacks
  • Discuss your current challenges
  • Plan your strategy

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