Make Meetings Matter

A very real constraint on the financial performance of companies is the ability to reach good decisions quickly.  Unfortunately, 40% of the working day is spent in meetings, many of which are unproductive and result in deferred decisions.

Do you have the tools to Make Meetings matter? Join our experience and let the Cisilion Innovation Centre technologies help accelerate your decision making.

Why attend?

At this 2 hour experience, you will learn about:

  • Your meeting time is precious – How do I join? Who is all on the call? Are you there? I will email you the presentation after the call. Do we need another meeting?
  • Cisilion demonstrates the modern meeting workflow to accelerate your decision making.
  • Video without the overhead, no more expensive room fit outs and major network upgrades.  Join the 94% of businesses that report improvements in productivity and decision making when using video.
  • Meeting activities include; email, chat, schedule, talk, notes, see, and share,– let Cisilion present a better way to work cohesively together.
  • How do you want to present yourself to customers and partners?  The importance of the correct meeting experience.