Get in shape for GDPR Regulation

How new solutions from Microsoft and Cisco detect, identify and protect your data and network?

IT departments have spent years trying to educate users about password policies, however, misused, shared and stolen credentials are the primary method of compromising networks and data. Users have more passwords for more systems than ever.

Learn from Cisilion experts how Microsoft Security and Identity solutions can protect the keys to your data from shared, misused or stolen credentials, however, this occurs – malware/ransomware, phishing/whaling, or hacking/network breach.

Cisilion’s GDPR Data Protection & Compliance experience 

Book your bespoke session to find out how these new products are using technologies like Machine Learning to identify suspicious activity on your network, track and control web applications your users are already using behind IT’s back, and identify, encrypt and track your confidential documents wherever they reside and wherever they are shared.


During this 2 hour experience, you will understand how these technologies can help your organisation, we will cover:

  • An overview of current threats and challenges
  • An overview of Microsoft EM+S
  • Protecting Privileged Accounts for Admins
  • Just in time access
  • Securing external SaaS applications
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access
  • Identifying credential threats and attacks against Domain Controllers with ATA

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