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Who is Platform?

Gaming venue Platform is London's premium social video games and esports bar and restaurant. As a start-up business, Platform was seeking a scalable infrastructure solution to match their changing needs.

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Platform Snapshot:

Gaming is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, with esports played at a professional level watched by millions of fans through streaming services. Platform cater for both amateur and professional gamers, with the elite customers expecting a reliable and high-performance user experience.

Platform partner with the largest esports company in the world ESL, Nintendo and racing seat provider Sparco.


Platform had the following challenges with its existing infrastructure:

  • Existing solution no longer fit for purpose due to an increase in demand on the network
  • Lack of integration with key infrastructure technology
  • Need for a reliable network that is suitable for high-performance gaming
  • Required a scalable infrastructure to encourage business growth


As Platform’s strategic partner, Cisilion utilised our Cisco Gold Partner status to deploy a scalable and secure infrastructure. As a start-up, Platform required a solution that can grow along with the organisation, this resulted in the deployment of:

  • Cisco Meraki Network & Wireless:  Cloud-managed networking placing agility at the network’s foundations, meaning Platform can scale for one off events and across the business as it expands to new locations.
  • Cisco Umbrella: Cloud-delivered network security providing the first line of defence against cybersecurity threats.
  • Purple WiFi: Provide a seamless WiFi experience for customers whilst also collecting key demographics and analytics.


With the Meraki powered network deployed, Platform has achieved impressive ROI and benefits:

  • Reliable network has met the needs of the business as strain on the network has increased.
  • Flexibility at the foundations of the business through the ability to scale the solution up to new venues.
  • Cisco Meraki heat mapping provides insights to utilise space across the venue, helping Platform understand peak traffic times and create optimum spaces for our advertisers.
  • Analytics has strengthened relationships with gaming partners, providing the data to shape the gaming and esports industry.


As a selected Cisco Security Specialist Partner, Cisilion are able to offer an extended free Cisco Umbrella trial to your business, no credit card required.

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