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Adopting Zero Trust security for your organisation is a business imperative. The workplace today extends to almost anywhere, anytime, from any device. Siloed, patchwork security solutions leave gaps that threat actors continue to exploit.

We work with leading security vendors to help you adopt a comprehensive Zero Trust model to provide the integrated security your organisation requires – reaching across your entire digital estate to continuously verify every transaction, assert least-privilege access, and provide real-time responses to threats.

921 Attacks

every second – In 2022, there were 921 attacks every second – a 74% increase in just one year Microsoft digital defence report 2022                                           

102 Minutes

is the median time for an attacker to begin moving laterally within your network once a device is compromised – Microsoft digital defence report 2022 


of web application breaches involved some sort of credential abuse (either use of stolen credentials or brute force) 2021 Verizon Data Breach Report


What makes us great?

  • We have strategic partnerships with tier 1 security vendors, as well as being Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialised and Microsoft Security Solutions Partners.
  • We protect over 500,000 users, showcasing our ability to secure diverse and expansive environments.
  • We have over 20 years of proven experience, which has earned us the trust of top global law, insurance, and finance firms, as well as the public sector

We have the experience and understanding to help you develop and execute a security strategy that automatically adapts to the complexity of your business, embraces the hybrid workplace, and protects your people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located.

Working as an extension of your team, our security experts assess your current risk and recommend ways to improve your threat protection. We work with your teams to help design, implement, and support your environment and if required can offer managed security and 24/7 Security Operations for your organisation.


CISILION In Collaboration

Tomaso Portunato, Co-founder Of Platform

You need to have journey mates that understand what you need as a business. Reliability and trust are definitely crucial and that's what we are getting with Cisilion

Our Solutions


Following the principles of Zero Trust, we provide solutions that:

Protect your users

Protect your endpoints

Protect your apps & data

Secure your network

Offer security orchestration, automation & response


Outcome & Benefits

Protect your revenue & reputation

by continuously monitoring your environment against malicious actors and update policies automatically when risks are identified.

Reduce cost by up 60%

through vendor consolidation and standardisation – reducing licensing costs, people costs, maintenance, and operational expenses.

Protect everything

with a comprehensive product and service portfolio that aligns with the Zero Trust framework.

Cut through the noise

by simplifying the management of security tools and consolidating multiple systems into a single pane of glass.

Lower cyber insurance premiums

by detecting and removing gaps in your overall security posture, and demonstrating to insurers that your security team have proactive strategies and systems in place.

At Cisilion, we are proud to have a highly experienced cyber security team, who can not only advise on the tools, solutions, approach, and services needed to protect and secure your data, but also that can address real-life business challenges including secure remote work, mobility, compliance, information governance, insider risk, and secure remote work. We work across the security stack with a focus on helping you achieve end-to-end and cost-effective security strategy rather than simply a mesh of different products and vendors with different dashboards and management portals.

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