Unlocking Seamless Collaboration: Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms Powered by Yealink

Unlocking Seamless Collaboration: Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms Powered by Yealink

Written by Adam Hand, Head of Digital Workplace and Microsoft Cloud, Cisilion

In today’s world, where the future of remote work is becoming more common, it’s essential to ensure that everyone can stay connected regardless of their location, which is where the future of work and seamless connectivity is needed for today’s inclusive meetings.

Hybrid work is becoming more popular due to its flexibility and the advantages it offers to both employees and employers. However, to make hybrid work possible, it’s important to have a reliable and seamless collaboration and meeting solution in place to enable effective communication and collaboration which is where productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams can help and aid with this.

One of the main benefits of hybrid work is that it allows people from different locations to participate in meetings. However, if the connectivity is poor, or the meeting room equipment has poor cameras, microphones and speakers remote participants may feel left out, which can affect the productivity and inclusiveness of the meeting. By making sure that everyone has equal access to the meeting, you’ll promote a more inclusive environment where all voices are heard, and everyone can contribute. Of which Microsoft Teams meeting rooms powered by Yealink and delivered by Cisilion can vastly improve the communication and integration with your remote employees and customers.


Cisilion & Yealink

Cisilion and Yealink are both well travelled names in the industry when it comes to delivering seamless collaboration solutions and communication devices.

Cisilion’s expertise is in our services, an experienced technology solutions provider that specialises in delivering seamless Meeting Room solutions for businesses. Our team of experts can assist clients in planning, implementing, and managing your Meeting Room infrastructure, ensuring a smooth experience for the you with our wealth of experience.

Cisilion has established strong partnerships with leading technology vendors, including Yealink. These partnerships allow us to leverage the latest and most reliable solutions to meet our clients’ collaboration needs.


Transforming your meeting room experience

Yealink have been providing high Quality Communication Devices for many years of which Yealink has become renowned for its high-quality communication devices, including IP phones, video conferencing systems, and audio endpoints with their depth and range of products that support Microsoft Teams. These devices are designed to deliver excellent audio and video quality, providing a seamless and professional experience for clients during meetings and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams devices are known for their user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features. This ensures that clients can easily navigate and operate the devices without any hassle, improving productivity and reducing the learning curve with a seamless look and feel. Yealink devices on Microsoft Teams are designed to integrate seamlessly with various other unified communications platforms, such as Zoom, and Cisco Webex using the native WebRTC integration. This interoperability allows clients to leverage these meeting rooms devices to enable a rich and integrated solution.


‘Yealink has started a new generation of MVC Series for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, breaking down the barriers between meeting rooms and remote participants, offering a high-level experience of equity and flexibility across all rooms and allowing a seamless flow of interaction. Driven by cutting-edge AI technology, the new generation of MVC series includes the latest Yealink advanced AV solutions aiming to elevate collaboration to a whole new level. The latest Yealink all-in-one Meeting Board also provides a comprehensive collaboration experience for hybrid meeting in all spaces.’ 


By partnering with Cisilion and leveraging Yealink’s communication devices on Microsoft Teams, our clients can expect expert guidance, seamless connectivity, and a user-friendly experience. Together, Cisilion and Yealink work towards providing clients with the tools and solutions they need to facilitate productive and inclusive meetings in the evolving hybrid work environment.


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