Three Key Reasons Why You Should Consider Webex Calling

Three Key Reasons Why You Should Consider Webex Calling

Why Should You Consider Webex Calling?

Written by: Luke Ward, Head of Modern Workplace at Cisilion

This is an exciting time for cloud collaboration, earlier this month Cisco shared updates on one of Cisco’s most exciting new solutions, Webex Calling, here are my three key takeaways:

1. It’s Globally Available & Fully Integrated

Webex Calling is currently available in 55 countries which includes service in the US, EMEA, Canada, Asia Pacific. By 2020, Webex Calling will be available in over 70 countries, making it the most globally-available enterprise-ready cloud calling solution on the market.

Most importantly, Webex Calling comes part of the complete Webex collaboration suite that includes calling, messaging, meetings, team collaboration, and contact center, with integrated Cisco devices. We recently deployed elements of this suite with Lockton Insurance.


2. It’s a Proven Cloud-Calling Solution

Early cloud solutions did not meet their requirements for a higher level of feature-richness, security, reliability and integration with the other business-critical applications. However, initiatives around digital transformation, IT cost reduction, and unified communications simplification, along with new cloud innovation have made cloud calling an essential focus area.

Webex Calling is not an upstart, but is tailored to meet the needs of businesses. As a result, Webex Calling is built with one of the industry’s most robust and proven cloud calling architectures and is sold by leading telecom service providers around the world.


3. Your Rivals Are Rapidly Adopting It

It simple, cloud calling is accelerating across all industries. With 74% of businesses set to choose a cloud vendor within 24 months, it’s time to join your rivals in researching the best solution for your infrastructure.


Your Next Steps

Cisilion Breakfast Briefing, Wednesday 18 September, 9am

As a Cisco Gold Partner with Master Collaboration Specialisation status, Cisilion is one of the first systems-integrators to be able to demonstrate Webex Calling in our Innovation Centre. Through our extensive experience with Cisco unified collaboration and our professional services, which can help you transition to the cloud, Cisilion can ensure that you realise the true ROI of moving to Webex Calling.

During the Briefing, our Experts will Demonstrate:

  • Global Delivery and Support: Get ubiquitous services and functionality, regardless of location. Ideal for multinational businesses.
  • Unlimited Subscription: Auto-attendant, hunt groups, shared call appearances, and more.
  • Multiple Client Options: Choose Webex Teams for an integrated calling experience, or use a standalone Cisco Webex Calling soft client app.

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