The Secret to Cisilion’s Hybrid Working Success

The Secret to Cisilion’s Hybrid Working Success

Rachel - Cisilion - Business ProductivityWritten by Rachel WardMiller, Cisilion’s People Manager

Unsurprisingly, navigating the changes to the office environment and higher demand in digital processes has been challenging without a doubt.

However, it has taught Cisilion many lessons in becoming more agile and flexible, not only in our client approach, but throughout the employee and candidate experience.

Adjusting and embracing #HybridWorking has been a learning curve, from the complete remote onboarding process to remote-based interview. These new practices have changed the ways in which we work for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, we have been able to use existing technologies for purposes outside of their design, enabling more efficient working practices across the business that we will embed into permanent processes and initiatives.


  • Microsoft Teams – Shifts App

Shifts within Microsoft Teams was initially designed to enable managers to create, update, and manage schedules for their teams – a perfect solution for Help Desk Managers. Since remote and hybrid working has become more commonplace, Cisilion have embraced this technology to monitor, track and trace office workers. Additionally, the app has enabled us to identify working patterns throughout the working week and plan what the future ‘office’ may look like for #TeamCisilion.


  • Microsoft To Do

Onboarding the latest members of #TeamCisilion completely remotely has been something that we have had to adapt to, having traditionally onboarded new team members in our offices face-to-face. Despite the challenges, this has opened our eyes to the possibilities of a new hybrid induction experience.

New joiners are supported with a set of onboarding objectives to provide achievement milestones throughout their probationary period and beyond. The previous method of using archaic spreadsheets have now been shared on the To Do app to track and secure the objectives.


  • Channels

Our onboarding process has encouraged more interactivity between managers, new joiners, and existing members of the team. Now, new joiners have the ability to share ideas, documents and FAQs in one area – regardless of their physical location. Members of the team that are working in the office can now collaborate effectively with the ones that are working from home seamlessly.


  • Recruitment and Interviewing

With Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams, the recruitment process has become faster and more streamlined, giving our managers back their valuable time, whilst simultaneously equipping them with the tech required for an impressive and highquality viewing experience.

Candidates receive prompt feedback the next day following their video interview without having to wait weeks on end, as would be the standard protocol post-completion of the week-long face to face interview process. As a result, many of our technical consultants are able to conduct online interviews with other members of the team based in other working locations.

As difficult as lockdown – and the following months – have been for many employees and employers, tech is the one thing that is trying to make our working lives easier, and we’re definitely here for it!



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