Seven Key Reasons To Consider Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Seven Key Reasons To Consider Hyperconverged Infrastructure

“Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the fastest growing of all the multi-billion-dollar storage segments.”

Eric Burgener, Research Director of Storage, IDC

Written by Oliver Smith, Cisilion’s Data Centre Solution Architect

I regularly speak to clients wanting to know more about the rapid rate of growth in the Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) market, with industry trends showing that 62% of organisations have adopted HCI or are seriously considering it:

  • This is a year-on-year increase of 48.5%.
  • In real terms, it’s set to be worth a projected $4.3B by 2019.

In Cisilion’s workshop on Demystifying Hyperconverged Infrastructure, we give you the opportunity to experience and learn how this next generation technology can help your business modernise its Data Centre strategy.

In these sessions, I talk my clients through these seven key reasons why they should consider HCI:


Adding numerous servers and storage units to support rapid expansion can lead to data centre sprawl. Moving to a HCI solution brings together the disparate infrastructure elements that power IT applications for an environmentally friendly option that takes up much less space.


As your infrastructure grows, any cost savings you gain from commoditised hardware is quickly overshadowed by the complexity of managing and supporting disparate systems. Go hyperconverged and centralise operations management from a single pane of glass for faster, simpler IT.


Streamline operations through automation that is self-contained, fully integrated and provided by one vendor. Start automating time-consuming tasks and processes so you can free up your IT staff to focus on driving innovation.


Rapidly provision new systems and virtual machines at the speed today’s digitally-driven customers demand. The larger your organisation, the more relevant rapid provisioning becomes so you can continuously meet expectations while staying within your IT budget.


Enhance data protection with the centralised nature of HCI that offers built-in security and data handling policies. Respond to issues quickly using a centralised console with data protection, backup and recovery integrated into the infrastructure.

6) Reduce Risk

HCI allows you to predictably evolve with a fully loaded, pre-tested and integrated appliance for virtualisation with full lifecycle management including automated start up and single-click upgrades

7) Hybrid Cloud

Hyperconvergence delivers a consistent hybrid cloud experience – one that is built on a simple, powerful, secure platform that can span across multiple clouds. It means application extensibility and compatibility across private and public clouds. And it means a platform that can support both traditional VMs and newer cloud native applications and containers.

Your next steps to HCI

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Written by Oliver Smith, Cisilion’s Data Centre Solution Architect