Your questions answered by EMC experts

Your questions answered by EMC experts

Our C-Level EMC Dinner took place last Thursday at the Chef’s Table of the prestigious Corrigan’s of Mayfair. Alongside Cisilion’s CTO Alex Hooper, we had some expert speakers from EMC co-hosting the event. EMC UK’s Channel Director Kevin Sparks and District Pre-Sales Lead Adam Lawton adressed some of the questions our customers raised. Read their answers below.

What was the main highlight from EMC World? – Kevin Sparks

The main highlight for me was demonstrating our continued investment in our portfolio. Our competition have been putting noise in the market about the facts that we will be focusing primarily on the DELL & EMC Merger – well that’s clearly not true. Most of our portfolio has evolved to a flash based technology, we have more and more software coming out from the EMC corporation, lots of our portfolio is coming out as a virtual addition enabling you to choose the hardware you wish to run our software and enhanced products on and this continued investment demonstrated why EMC is a great company to work with.

What are the hot topics around EMC? – Adam Lawton 

From an EMC perspective, there are 5 things that we find hot at the moment. From 2016, we are very much seeing that’s going to be the year of flash, for the first time we can see people are able to deploy flash solutions in pretty much the same cost per gigabyte than they have been able to deploy hybrid solutions in the past. We’re also seeing a big advancement in scale out technologies, so there’s a lot of interest around technologies such as ScaleIO which is a software-defined package.

Software-defined by itself is a very hot topic for us. You’ll see, almost every EMC technology from now on will have a virtual platform addition, which will give customers the maximum amount of flexibility.

We’re also seeing that we are cloud enabling all those technologies as well. So we need to make sure our customers have a means to moving their workload between their own premises and the cloud, so what you’ll see is that there are enablement technologies in all EMC products going forward that allow us to do that.

Finally, we need to make sure those things are always secured and protected, it’s not always necessarily the hottest thing but it’s still very much in the forefront of our minds to allow our customers to have a peace of mind.

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