Free Teams Adoption for NHS

Written by Cisilion’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rob Quickenden

As part of a huge tech aid programme in response to COVID-19 and in an effort to empower the NHS to do more, Microsoft has made Teams available to the entire NHS for free, which was announced in a tweet by Simon Eccles, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care.

As a modern workplace technology enablement business, Cisilion are backing this up by offering our Microsoft Teams Adoption & Training Services for NHS Trusts and CSUs FREE for 6 weeks to ensure your Managers, administration teams, clinicians other emergency staff can get up and running as quickly as possible so they can continue doing the great job they are doing in fighting the war against Covid-19 crisis.

The Adoption training will last for six weeks, giving the NHS full access to our training portal and adoption & change management experts.



Led and facilitated by a virtual adoption consultant, NHS institutions will have access to tailored Teams adoption webinars, content, videos and training for six weeks ensuring staff are up-to-speed quickly and can continue to skill up*.

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NHSX is a UK Government body that has responsibility for setting national policy and developing best practice for the National Health Service (NHS) IT and technology services.

This will allow all NHS organisations that use run NHSmail (a customised and hosted Exchange email service run by Accenture) will now have access to Microsoft Teams, (they will need to configure it or work with a partner or Microsoft Fast Track local administration and configuration). NHS Digital has also said that they will support the implementation of Microsoft Teams locally via its NHSmail support site.

Those NHS organisations that don’t run NHSmail will need to contact Microsoft directly to get access to Microsoft Teams but this will be a simple process.


Your Next Steps – Speak to our experts

I implore all relevant NHS IT teams to get in touch by filling in the form below and our adoption consultants will get in touch. Thank you for your amazing work over these challenging weeks, I can’t wait to help give back.


*Service onboarding and set-up service applies – Adoption services valued at £3 pupm which are provided free for six weeks