My Week at Cisilion: Liza Gracheva, Marketing Intern

My Week at Cisilion: Liza Gracheva, Marketing Intern

My name is Liza and I am currently a student at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow where I’m studying Digital Innovations and Management. I have always been open to new experiences, especially if it’s in my professional field.

Having the opportunity to have an internship at Cisilion – one of the leading systems integrators in the heart of London – was a unique chance to get first-hand experience of my future profession and get acquainted with corporate culture.

My First day

When I was sitting in the reception waiting to be picked up by the manager for my first day, I was really nervous. The Cisilion office is located in Heron Tower, the reception has an incredible fish tank and I got to use a specially allocated card to call the lift, it impressed me from the start.

But as soon as I met my supervisor Andrew, Cisilion’s Brand & Content Marketing Manager, and the whole team, my nervousness was completely gone. #TeamCisilion made me feel so welcome and were so considerate, I quickly understood I have nothing to worry about.

Once we entered the office itself it was fantastic; everything was modern, super tech and brand new. I especially liked the Innovation Centre, where we went first to discuss the week ahead. The Cisco Webex Board and Microsoft Surface Hub digital boards made a big impression on me, I haven’t seen anything like this before.

On my first day, I got familiarised with the Cisilion website, their case studies and had an opportunity to learn about the company structure.

Marketing Training

In each day of my work experience, I was supervised by Andrew who prepared a lot of exciting tasks for me to complete. I was involved in the work process of different marketing fields such as writing reports, presentations, design, working with data and producing videos.

I started learning how to use digital tools including as Canva and Lumen5, these are very useful and I’m confident that they will be really beneficial for me as I continue to improve my skills.

Filming a Case Study

At the end of the week, a had an opportunity to join the team as they filmed a case study at a gaming venue called Platform. It was stunning! It was amazing to be part of the process and even take part in it!

It was a great experience to witness the whole process of filming with my own eyes, from all the preparation that takes place before the filming begins to how the lighting is perfectly set up. It was a varied experience and I’m very grateful to Cisilion for this incredible opportunity!


This experience has helped me to understand how I can apply real working experience to everything I am learning at University, which has helped me shape my understanding of my future profession.

I will continue to use the digital tools I was introduced to throughout my university course as I found them very efficient and useful.

I am so happy and lucky to have this experience
and to meet the incredible team!