Microsoft Inspire: 10 things from day 1

Microsoft Inspire: 10 things from day 1

Microsoft Inspire 2017 – Day 1

Microsoft Inspire opened yesterday in Washington, D.C. with a Day 1 keynote attended by more than 17,000 people. Our Microsoft Account Director Daniel Jones put together a list of 10 highlights for him from day 1 at #MSinspire.

10 thoughts after Day 1 at Microsoft Inspire…

  1. It’s amazing that there over seventeen thousand people at Inspire and that is comfortably a new record for attendance.
  2. Partners are definitely more willing to share experiences and discuss the potential to collaborate in partnerships on future engagements this year.
  3. I think I have found an ideal partner to enhance Cisilion’s GDPR offering that also drives Azure consumption.
  4. I think Microsoft and consequently it’s partners may have finally nailed the Microsoft-Partner-Customer engagement model through ‘One Commercial Partner plan’.
  5. I think there is being focussed and there is being Sweetbaum focussed (Great to see my old boss Peter at #MSinspire!)
  6. The Microsoft announcement that Azure Stack is now available for hardware partners HPE, Dell EMC & Lenovo and that Cisco will soon join them! This could be a significant game changer for Hybrid Cloud especially in Financial Services and great news for Cisilion and our customers.
  7. I think I may not get time to visit the White House.
  8. I think it’s interesting that all of my discussions so far have almost exclusively been focussed on the security components.
  9. I think the more I use Microsoft Teams the more productive I become.
  10. I think I may have my first man crush on Mr Satya Narayana Nadella.

Stay tuned with #TeamCisilion updates from #MSInspire. Follow Daniel on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Daniel Jones, Microsoft Account Director at Cisilion