Day 2 at #MSinspire by Daniel Jones

  1. Learning more about the Microsoft commercial restructure I think it leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand I really believe that if handled correctly the changes will have a significant positive effect on partner and customer engagement and I also feel for those that have seed their roles disbanded.
  2. I think it would be great if those affected by the restructure find other new roles with Microsoft as soon as possible.
  3. I think that having previously been to five WPC’s, Inspire has been by far the busiest, most productive and frankly Inspiring global partner event I have attended. And it’s only the end of day 2.
  4. I think Ian Woolner is an outstanding ambassador for Microsoft and I hope some of his dedication and enthusiasm rubs off on me every time we chat.
  5. I think it is very hard to keep up with your day job while attending Inspire but I have tried my very best to keep on top of things.
  6. I think today’s keynote session was frankly disappointing and at times quite boring.
  7. I think I have been energised by some of the Microsoft and partner 1-2-1 engagements so far and I have some great new ideas to take back to the to team Cisilion that will help us work more collaboratively with Microsoft and other partners to help us add more value to our existing and potential new customers.
  8. As Larry David would say I think that AI Biometrics is pretty, pretty, pretty good.
  9. I think that I may not be a misogynist after all 🙂
  10. I think I am very much looking forward and dreading the Microsoft UK partner party tonight in equal measure! #WorkHardPlayHard

Daniel Jones, Account Director, Cisilion