Latest announcements from Riverbed

Latest announcements from Riverbed

SteelConnect 2.0 was released in September. SteelConnect is a complete SD-WAN solution, including:

  • Native dynamic routing,
  • Integration with SteelCentral to give end-to-end visibility,
  • A cloud gateway to connect branches directly to AWS – with Azure in early 2017.

SteelConnect provides a platform on which the unification of hybrid WAN’s can be easily built and managed.

SteelFusion is now available as a cloud or virtual offering. This allows a closer alignment to the SteelConnect SD-WAN offering. This will improve Branch operations and in conjunction with SD-WAN provide for the rapid turning up and down of new Branches.

SteelCentral has now been expanded by the acquisition of Aternity, to provide visibility into the client device to allow the monitoring of end user experience.

Craig Owen, Enterprise Presales Consultant at Cisilion.