Exclusive Cisilion & Purple trial

Exclusive Cisilion & Purple trial

Want to leverage your existing WiFi to collect prospect contact details, increase social following, mine customer demographic data and send highly targeted communications to customers in real-time? Register here for a 30 day trial with Cisilion to discover the full potential of the Purple platform.

Purple is an intelligent platform for physical spaces. Using social engagement, marketing tools and location analytics to bring brands the digital insights of real world spaces, through technology such as WiFi, GPRS, LTE, BLE and sensors.

Using purple you can:

  • Increase business social following and brand awareness
  • Capture validated customer data
  • Keep business WiFi legally compliant within international laws
  • Manage charges for guest WiFi access and internet usage
  • Market to customers in real-time through social, splash-pages, email and SMS tools
  • Interrogate and connect multiple data sources to view aggregated analytical data
  • Provide separate secure networks for customers and employees
  • Trace customer’s location and behaviour
  • Navigate customers onsite with “wayfinding” and “what’s around me” technology
  • Tag and track multiple assets in real-time, and send tiered warning alarms
  • Recuperate wireless hardware CAPEX over shorter periods of time

Sign up here for the 30 day trial, and experience the real benefits Purple brings to business WiFi. Don’t have time or the IT resources? No problem; Cisilion offer a full end-to-end Purple integration service and can get you up and running in no time. As an existing Cisilion customer you can get 30% discount right now, reducing this service to only £995 (subject to individual requirements).

Don’t miss out, sign up today.

Terms and conditions of trial

To participate in the Purple/Cisilion 30 day trial, you will need the following:

  1. A Purple compatible wireless access point which you are happy to overwrite its firmware with Purple’s firmware.
  2. The MAC address of the access point.
  3. signed up for your 30 day trial, and completed the Purple/Cisilion form.

This trial will run for 30 days from the activation date of the Purple portal. Compatible wireless hardware is required for Purple to successfully work with your WiFi network. The trial includes access to all Purple features apart from location and content filtering for a period of 30 days after which, the portal will default to Purple’s free license which includes limited WiFi network reporting. License upgrades can be purchased at any time during and after the trial.

On completion of the form, you will receive a Purple account email within 24 hours, containing your login details. Once logged into your portal you can then download Purple’s compatible firmware for your access point and follow the detailed instructions for your make and model. Once flashed, your access point will then appear within the Purple portal, ready for use.