Employee productivity & business efficiency transformed through collaboration solutions

The need for Insurance organisations to embrace technology and digitisation to gain competitive advantage and drive business growth is greater than ever. Many global Insurance leaders have been focused on using technology to enhance collaboration amongst their workforce to drive employee productivity and efficiency – ultimately enabling a simpler and faster way to share information, decreasing the turnaround time for projects and shortening the sales cycle.

A global survey of 1300 managers in the Insurance sector indicated that 87% believe video conferencing solutions have a significant and positive organisational impact and global leading. Aspen a leading global insurance firm with over 1,500 employees across 12 countries have seen the direct impact of this;

So how has Aspen benefited from Immersive Video?

“Aspen is a global company and we have to operate on that basis. We needed to bring our people together across the globe, make them feel part of a global team and enable them to communicate and collaborate most effectively together. The key benefit from my personal experience speaking as an executive member is the difference in the engagement and productivity of our group executive meetings. Working with my colleagues across the world, the quality of our meetings and the discussion and debate that can be had using this technology is far superior than anything we could have imagined. “Lisa Gibbard, COO at Aspen

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Cisilion & Aspen - Global Cisco Collaboration Deployment

Cisilion deployed the latest Cisco Unified Communications suite across Aspen’s global offices. This was followed by installing Cisco Immersive TelePresence IX5000’s at their London and New York HQs - completely transforming how they collaborate.

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Need help with your collaboration strategy?

Cisilion are hosting an “Insurance Transformed” event on Thursday 16th February at our Central London Innovation Centre. Hear from our valued customers how collaboration solutions helped transform their global businesses.