Cisilion Enterprise Agreement – What You Need to Know

Cisilion Enterprise Agreement – What You Need to Know

Written by Alex Hooper, Cisilions Director of Services & Business Transformation

Thanks to the Cisilion Enterprise Agreement (EA), your Cisco software portfolio has never been so flexible and easy to manage, saving you time and money. With so much to consider in this area, I’ve highlighted five key reasons for you to consider moving to an EA.


1. It’s Easy to Buy

Through our Cisco Gold Partners Status, your Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a single cross-architecture agreement spanning networking, data center, security, and collaboration. You’ll get access to software across technology portfolios and unique values within each enrollment. And you’ll benefit from financial predictability with our “not-to-exceed” pricing guarantee.


2. It’s Easy to Consume

Only Cisilion offers True Forward, a powerful feature built to handle your growth with no retroactive billing. Our on-demand deployment gives you instant access to licenses when needed. And you’ll get access to new software capabilities as they’re added to the suites.


3. It’s Easy to Manage

Cisilion EA Workspace gives you visibility into all licenses procured, deployed, and up for renewal so you always know where you stand. And with cross-architecture co-termination of software licenses and annual billing, you’ll save time managing renewals.


$2.4 Million in Savings Over 6 Years

Cisilion EA vs traditional purchases for an enterprise company with 38,000 clients


4. It Streamlines Your License Management

Consolidate multiple subscriptions, renewal dates, and partners normally required to manage software licenses down to one subscription, with one renewal date, purchased through Cisilion.


5. It Saves Your Time & Money

Your Cisilion EA saves you time through crossarchitecture software subscription cotermination. The annual/no retroactive billing gives you access to new software and on-demand deployment while preserving your budget. And with multi-suite discounts, the more you buy, the more you save.


Your Next Steps

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