Cisilion Achieves Gold Partner Competency in Security

Cisilion Achieves Gold Partner Competency in Security

Written by Rob Quickenden, Cisilion’s Chief Technology Officer

Cisilion is proud to announce that, in recognition of our advanced skills and capability in both designing and delivering Identity and Security solutions across Microsoft 365 and Azure, Microsoft has awarded Cisilion the Gold Partner Competency in Security.


As Cisilion’s tenth Microsoft Gold Partnership Competency, the Security Gold Competency is among our achievements of Gold in Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, and Enterprise Mobility Management – demonstrating our ability to support and assist customers with the design and deployment to run end-to-end Zero Trust Security solutions to suit our customer requirements and demands.

The threat within the cyber security environment has become increasingly complex and rampant, alongside the growth in remote working. Therefore, ensuring that your company’s data, assets, and intelligent properties are being protected with factors to defend against attacks is crucial.

Naturally, this has led to a greater focus on zero-trust security across a range of vendor-agnostic solutions for our customer database, in turn resulting in the new competency achievement.

Security should be just about the best product

The work and efforts of #TeamCisilion are highly impressive and have paid off with our customers and Microsoft. Security has always been a balance between productivity and security, but the adoption of hybrid working becoming the ‘new normal’ has our customers re-thinking their current security strategies – requiring an approach built on trust – zero trust.

At Cisilion, our approach first and foremost has always been about understanding the needs of our customers and how people use technology. Out consultants and adoption specialists work beyond just the technical specifications and lead with practical examples, demonstrations, and PoCs that allow our customers to understand how best to secure their digital assets, without having an impact on productivity.

Not only is security absolutely vital and integral to an organisation’s hybrid work strategy and modern workplace, but it is also a fundamental discipline to any business – regardless of sector or industry. Therefore, best of suite is rapidly replacing best of breed products that are in silo.

Security is about synergy and intelligence

The continual shift to how, where, and when people work is made possible through Microsoft’s security stack. Microsoft Security is based on the synergy between these components and spans across not just their own on-prem or cloud services, but also across multi-cloud and multi-vendor, making it the ultimate defence against cyber attacks and insider risk.

If you think Microsoft “don’t do security” – look again

In the past, Microsoft has had a bad reputation within the security space. However, in the last decade, Microsoft has become arguably the biggest security company in the world, with over investments of over $2b a year.

Today, their security portfolio is native, integrated, and extensible across not only their own devices but with that of many others, too. Where it was once about the best firewall or best mail filter, the Best of Suite is replacing Best of Breed, thereby enhancing Microsoft’s Security by making it stronger than some of its individual products and/or services. Of course, that is a big differentiator that places Microsoft at the forefront and stands out when compared to stand-alone security products.

The addition of the Security Gold Competency to our current competencies demonstrates the experience and value that we can bring towards customers, exhibiting the hard work and focus across a variety of technologies to ensure that your organisation is in the best position across the board.


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