Cisco Secure Access: Your Key to Network Visibility and Beyond

Cisco Secure Access: Your Key to Network Visibility and Beyond

Written by Nathan Ashby,
Solutions Architect, Cisilion

I frequently speak to our clients about their revised approach to security and their goal for consistent user experiences regardless of where they are working with their key business applications.

Security Service Edge (SSE) is emerging as a key trend for a lot of hybrid work strategies. In short, SSE combines multiple security functions in the cloud to both protect employees and users who work from any location as well as safeguard critical resources. Resulting in a highly secured, fast connectivity for the users which provides a consistent clean easy user experience.

Whether it involves on-premises or cloud-native applications, end users are assured of a secure, transparent user experience anywhere they work – office, home, or on the road. To achieve this, SSE solutions must address three principal requirements:

      • Deliver a superior transparent user experience.
      • Reduce IT complexity.
      • Improve security efficacy.

A solution that I’d highly recommend is Cisco’s brand new Cisco Secure Access solution. This is a converged cloud security SSE solution, grounded in zero trust, that provides seamless, transparent, and secure access from anything to anywhere.

Cisco Secure Access ushers in a holistic set of core modules, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Firewall as a Service (FWaaS).

It then goes beyond these features and adds multimode Data Loss Prevention (DLP), DNS security, Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), malware analysis, and Talos threat intelligence. By leveraging these capabilities, all under one cloud-delivered platform, organizations can solve a variety of security challenges.

With Cisco Secure Access, users can safely and seamlessly access all the resources and apps they need, regardless of protocol, port, or level of customisation. For instance, this solution works well when deployed alongside other Cisco offerings including SD-WAN, XDR, and digital experience monitoring, as well as third-party technologies.

Secure Access enforces modern cybersecurity while fundamentally reducing risk, radically simplifying IT operational complexity, and minimising tasks performed by end-user.


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