Opus Energy transform customer experience through contact centre innovation

Who are Opus Energy Ltd?

Opus Energy is the leading independent supplier of gas and electricity, providing energy to over 275,000 businesses across the UK. This includes small and medium sized businesses, as well as larger corporations. The company is committed to providing a high standard of customer service, combined with competitive prices and accurate billing, to all its customers. In addition to supplying gas and electricity, Opus Energy also purchases renewable energy from independent generators.

Why Cisilion?

Andy Powell, Telecoms Systems Manager at Opus Energy

“We chose Cisilion & Brightcloud because we liked their innovative approach. Cisilion brought additional value & features, they have vast experience in the delivery of Enterprise Contact Centre and were highly recommended by Cisco as a key partner."


Opus Energy needed a scalable, reliable, customer-focused platform to enable an engaging customer experience across multiple channels. Cisco worked with Opus Energy on finding suitable partners for this implementation, and this resulted in Cisilion and Bright Cloud being chosen.

In order to create a true omni-channel experience, each seemingly-disparate component of the customer’s experience must be consistent and complementary. With these expectations in mind, Opus Energy deployed Cisco’s Customer Experience Solution suite for their business. The full suite includes Cisco High Availability voice infrastructure, PCCE (Packaged Contact Centre enterprise), and Multi/Omni-channel Finesse agent experience with integrated WFO and WFM.


As the market expands, Opus Energy needed to scale to meet demand without compromising efficiency – and also decrease the high cost to serve customers. On the back of dramatic business growth and further expansion potential, Opus Energy identified the need to integrate silos and offer more choice to customers across touch points and channels. To maintain their leadership among their competitors, the company focused on innovation in customer experience, and highlighted the following goals:

  • Increase the effectiveness of customer retention/renewal, sales, debt collection, and high-value customer management while reducing the cost of servicing customers
  • Support multiple communication channels/devices through ‘best of breed’ technology
  • Support the continued high growth of Opus Energy through a phased, flexible and scalable solution
  • Provide a robust customer engagement platform that simplifies and supports a complex business environment

How did Cisilion help?

  • Increased security
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced customer effort
  • Future scalability & flexibility
  • Seamless migration planning


Modern consumers now have more control over their engagement with a company – whether it’s in-store, on a website or app, through a catalogue, or through social media. In order to deliver a true omni-channel experience, every component of the consumer’s experience must be consistent and complementary. To this end, Cisco’s full Customer Experience Solution suite was selected.


Opus Energy has deployed a unified customer experience solution and now enjoys the advantages of the simplified management interface, a smaller hardware footprint, and reduced time to install. The solution is virtualised to work across multiple sites, is flexible and delivers the full range of contact centre services including:

  • 10% increase in productivity
  • Improved flexibility through robust, open-standards based platforms
  • Increased security through a validated PCI-compliant solution
  • Improved customer/contact management through integrated communications